SpringRun2013 - Adriatic Sea


Day1 - 20130411 – 666km - Stockholm (Sweden) – Trelleborg (Sweden)


Frost in the morning, winter gloved and many layers of clothing. entering Skåne the cold weather was made worse due to rain. Temp stared at -4 in Stockholm and we had +1 in Lund. Martin joined us in Lund and we drove together the last 50km's to Trelleborg where we took the night ferry to Travemunde Germany, 290eur.

Day2 – 20130412 – 165km - Travemunde – Hamburg


Short nice day from Travemunde to Hamburg, we had plenty of time for breakfast and a nice trendy organic Cafe. We also had time for a long stop at Lidl to get something to eat on the train. Alistair used this time to wash off FatLady with wetwipes.


It was tricky to load bikes on to the train, only 1,56m we all had several marks in our helmets when we finally where done. Paranoid staff forced us to take all items of the bikes. Other than that the night AutoZug to Italy, 550eur, where a perfect way to save time, money and energy. As we had Tobbes ticket as well, unfortunately couldn’t Tobbe join this trip due to pregnancy. In the queue to the train we meet Torben who know how to be


our best friend, all needed was beer and some good Italian maps =)


We also meet an German journalist from Motorrad who took our picture as he was writing about bike travelling on AutoZug, hope to be able to get hold of a copy, it was planned for the German June magazine. When it was time for some sleep we have a bug incident, Alistair was jumping around like a little girl or like Martin in a Touratech outlet...

Day3 – 20130413 – 366km – Bozen (Italy) – Kmetinja Camp (Slovenia)


At the train we meet Torben, a nice Danish guy that intended to go through the Dolomites on his way back to Munich. The plan went slightly south (north in our case as the way he intended to go was closed already in Bolzano. The map on the GPS suggested that a route som 20 km north of the road we intended to take would bring us to Cortina as well. The new route took us on snow roads over the Dolomites, 2300m. All four of us did lunch in Courtina and there Torben left us to head back north and we aimed for the sun. We learned a lot about the Italian driving culture going south east towards the Slovenian border. First lesson was the complete lack of common sense among Italian drivers. The second was the way you pay for the high way, you need a ticket for _each_ bike :). Crossing the Slovakian border in sunset we felt that we needed to find a camping spot for tonight, Martin did some Garmin Magic and took us to a nice camp, 30eur, they called it all inclusive as we could put our tent wherever we liked. Ali cooked us a nice boil-in-bag dinner and we managed to get the tent up fairly quick even it was our first time, first and last, camping suxx.

Day4 – 20130414 – 380km - Kmetinja Camp (Slovenia) – Torgir (Croatia)



It was a shit cold night and in our summer-bags, only +5, that's no fun at all. Frogs and chickens woke us me up at 05:00 and I got up for a piss, it was just to cold to be able to go back to sleep. Church bells woke Ali and Martin up at 6:00, I was eager to get back on the road. Campsite was dead and we could defrost and get back to life in the hot showers. Nice coffee/Tea breakfast listening to the frog farm.



We drove through Slovenian border. It was nice spring and driving through the small villages all of which had one or more barbecue houses with whole pigs turning over a fire in the display window. The border crossing was uneventful and the roads in Croatia is second to none. We stopped for a lunch break at a place down by the ocean in a small town called Senj. The food took its sweet time to get but it was eatable.



After some 300 km along Coastline with never ending turns and meeting an endless stream of motorcycles we decided that we needed to make some progress in order to reach Torgir in time. We went on the Croatian high way system and we basically had the road to out our self. Hotel in Torgir was the best on the trip, 80eur, and a walk in the 3000 year-old town was interesting.

Day5 – 20130415 – 433km – Torgir (Croatia) - Shkoder (Albania)


Empty highways down to Bosnia where we had lunch. Followed coast in to South Croatia, nice roads again, to Montenegro. Montenegro coastline down to Bar where we took “Main Road” to Shkoder Albanian, 50km and 3h of tiny roads. Last bit in Albania was night riding, interesting, Martin had a Horse Attack. Found Hotel and had a Gas station guy to watch over our bikes all night. 75eur, best Hotel in Town.

Day6 – 20130416 – 307km - Shkoder (Albania) – Orhid (Macedonia)


06:00 a minaret woke us up, good coffee and breakfast. Crossed Albania, passed Tirane where we bought a new bulb using sign language. Had lunch at a Albanian Castle, Lamb Intestine Kebab, we ordered Pizza as well. Found the planned Hotel but it was to early in the day and we had a mountain to cross in Maceldonia. Took some time to find the road to the border as it didn’t exist in the Garmin’s. 11km up in the mountain we had to turn around, road was totally over snowed, big hit to my ego. Went down again and to town Orhid, found one open Hotel, 80eur, really nice food and local beer/Wine.

Day7 – 20130417 – 427km - Orhid (Macedonia) – Igoumenista (Greece)


Drove thru Orhid town and main roads to Greece border. North Greece has Nuclear plants everywhere, did Garimin tour that took us on Gravel roads, thru farms interesting, found a local lunch place and the owner was as surprised as we where, got lovely giant plate of pasta, haven’t had guest for weeks I guess. Martin picked a really interesting route thru mountains on deteriorated roads, thru ghost towns and nomans land, 3h of Spagetti-roads. Arrived at Igoumenista and found out that SuperFast Ferry,575eur , was Super slow, 2,5h late. But we meet with Ion from Spain who was on his way home after a long ride in Turkey.

Day8 – 20130418 – 525km – Bari (Italy) – Fano (Italy)


Stress due to late ferry and hunger got me to flip over the boring highways, but as soon as we was of highway and had lunch, carbonara again, at a place where no English was spoken we all was happy again. Smaller roads was boring so we did more expensive highways, 90eur in total, oal was San Marino but we just didn’t have the energy. Went off the highway in to Fano, found a Hotel, 60eur. We had dinner at a nice place, mixed grill fish for myself and Martin, Ali did his 8th pizza.

Day9 – 20130419 – 244km – Fano (Italy) – Bologna (Italy)


Good night’s sleep, strange pastry breakfast. First goal was lunch in San Marino, nice TURISTY place, 29 in the shade and we where sweating like pigs in our full riding gear. Then off to Ducati factory in Bologna where we should meet ex. Colleague Manuel who books us a tour at 15:30. 15:25 we parked our bikes and we were just in time. Tour was in Italian but Manuel did a good job translating. Best bike was the Around The World Multistrada. Manuel had booked us at a bungalow close to the factory, we got a lesson in Italian RushHour driving. Nice place and nice evening with Manuel and all the Limonchello he served us.

Day10 – 20130420 – 310km - Bologna (Italy) – Bozen (Italy)


Late star and no Highways today. Garmin gave us a tour as always =)


Manuel was driving with us until our first stop at a lovely local Café where we had amazing and award winning homemade ice-cream. After Manuel left us it started to rain and we had to fight crazy sidewinds. Loading the AutoZug, 550eur, was easy this time as we know the drill. We all had big smiles on our faces when we found a Chinese restaurant, we where sick and tired of Italian food. We were surprised as we had to share cabin with a stranger, he was nice but farted BAD in his sleep, both myself and Ali woke up several times of the nasty smell.

Day11 – 20130421 – 440km - Hamburg Germany – Höganäs (Sweden)


Unloaded the train like pro’s, drove to Putgarten and took ferry, 135eur, over to Denmark, we missed the tax-free. Passed Denmark and did the Öresundsbron, 45eur, over to Malmö where Martin left us. Ali and myself had arranged a night at our colleague Jens house. Arriving at Jens we where served superb Thai and cold beer. We slept like babies mentally preparing for a 600km ride the day after.

Day12 - 20130422 – 345km – Höganäs (Sweden) – Skultorp (Sweden)


After breakfast we where to rebook Ali’s business ticket to go home one day earlier, we both thought it was just a formality and had set expectations accordingly at home. But ticker was Business-non-flex, fuck you very much SAS !!! We changed plans and add an extra stop at my Granny in Skultorp. We decided to do two days of NO highway and even if I’m a Sweed I did enjoy it, many small towns and nice cafes. Mölle was one nice place to see, even if it rained pretty muck al day. My lovely Granny took good care of us and after a nice meal we slept our last night on the road in her basement.

Day13 - 20130423 – 365km – Skultorp (Sweden) – Stockholm (Sweden)


Woke up early to get an early start of the day, Granny served breakfast and then we hit the road on our last day. We were happy and sentimental, hard to understand that we just had done all those crazy countries. Lunch at Abbe’s in Mölnbo and then the last stretch home, Garmin got all confused and took us up on the highway, but it was ok. Arrived back at may house after 13 days on the road. We washed the bikes, Bug’s, road kills and dirt, Ali gave FatLady an last long hug and thanked her for the time together... She is soon to be sold...



13 Days


12 Countries


4973 km


3 days with rain (2 in Sweden)


-4 to 29 degrees in temp


1 dead bird



Alistair Mills – Honda Goldwing 87’


Martin Petersen – BMW F800GS


Johan Liljerstam – BMW 1200GSA